Press Release - Police Station Fire 4/28/19

Police Station Fire

At 2:52pm on Sunday, April 28, 2019, the Hanover Fire Department was dispatched to a report of smoke in the building at 129 Rockland Street - the Hanover Police Station and Emergency Communications Center. A first alarm assignment was dispatched consisting of Engine 7, Engine 4, Engine 3, Tower 1,
Ambulance 1 and C2. While responding, firefighters were updated by dispatchers that the re was a smoke condition in the building and that the fire alarms had activated.

Firefighters arrived and were met by Hanover Police Officers who stated there was a fire in the basement and that attempts to extinguish the fire using fire extinguishers were not successful. Crews from Engine 7 and Tower 1 stretched an attack line and were met by heavy smoke conditions. Further
investigation found a fire in the locker room area which was extinguished. Fire damage was contained to a row of lockers. There was smoke and soot damage throughout the entire building.

When firefighters arrived on-scene, it was determined that a total evacuation of the building was necessary, including the two dispatchers at the Emergency Communications Center. Fire and Police dispatchers were forced to relocate communication operations to the Emergency Operations Center at Fire Headquarters. During the transition, 911 calls were seamlessly transferred to Pembroke Police.

A smoke condition was found throughout the building. Firefighters from Engine 3 and Engine 4 were utilized fans to ventilate the toxic gases and smoke from the building. Crews also monitored the air quality during the operation. Hanover Ambulance 1 evaluated and treated a police officer and custodian for smoke inhalation. Both were transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

The Hanover Police and Fire Joint Fire Investigation Unit determined that the fire was caused by a battery powered flashlight.

Crews are on-scene working to clean up damage caused by the incident. It is expected that the building could be reoccupied later this evening.

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