Hanover Fire Department 2021 Home Safety Visit Program

For Hanover Residents 65 and Older

The Hanover Fire Department is currently running a home safety visit program for the residents of Hanover who are ages 65 and older. The purpose of this is to have in-person contact with seniors to discuss several safety topics. These topics vary from trip hazards to fire safety tips and reminders. This is a great way to help promote safety and education.

This program also includes the installation of smoke alarms and CO detectors FREE of charge upon our visit! We will also leave them with a surge protector, oven mitt, night light, as well as some other items. If you know anyone in Hanover that meets this age bracket or, if you have any questions about this program please reach out to Hanover Fire Department's Public Fire and Life Safety Coordinator, Erik Johnson.

This is at NO COST to the resident and is an opportunity for the fire department to assist in getting these houses up to code.

Eric Johnson​, Public Fire and Life Safety Coordinator
Hanover Fire Department
781-826-3151, ext. 3126