Public Grounds and Cemetery Division

Hanover Cemetery

The Public Grounds Division operates and maintains approximately 88 acres of facilities with a staff of six full-time employees and is assisted in its larger projects by employees of other department divisions.  The FY 19 budget for the Public Grounds Division is $501,578.


  • Operate and Maintain the Town's Three Cemeteries
    • Hanover Center Cemetery
    • Union Cemetery (Assinippi)
    • Darling Cemetery (West Hanover)
  • Operate and Maintain the Town's Athletic Complexes
    • B. Everett Hall Field (Sylvester)
    • Ellis Field
    • Ceurvals Field (Myrtle Street)
    • Forge Pond Park
    • Gallant Field
    • Brigg's Field
  •  Maintain the Grounds of Various Town Facilities
    • Library
    • Stetson House
    • Center of Town
    • Water Department Facilities
    • Luddam's Ford Site
    • Transfer Station
    • Traffic islands
  • Maintains an Active Tree and Roadside Brush Control Program Around Town


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