2021 Street Sweeping Program

Street Sweeping Truck

The Town of Hanover Department of Public Works has begun its annual Street Sweeping Program.

Our annual sweeping program covers approximately 170 lane miles of public roadway to remove sand, silt, and other debris that has accumulated in roadway gutters over the Winter.  Street sweeping is done for safety reasons and is also an important component of the Town's Stormwater Management Plan to fulfill the requirements of the EPA's NPDES MS4 Stormwater Regulations. For more information on this program or the Stormwater Management in the Town of Hanover please visit our Stormwater Management Webpage or contact us at 781-826-3189.

As Town-maintained streets are swept this year, we will regularly be updating the map found below so that residents can follow the ongoing progress of this project.  Streets that have already been swept will be highlighted in green.

Street Sweeping Map