Fianancial Scams targeting seniors have become so prevelant that they are being called "the crime of the 21st century" 

The truth is the scammers are getting so good that they are nearly impossible to trace, and people of all ages are falling for the scams. 

The BEST ways to avoid scams are:

DO NOT answer calls from numbers you do not recognize.  Let the call go to voicemail.  Legitamate callers will leave a message. 

DO NOT call back numbers you have missed if you do not know the person.  Even if you look it up and it lists an individual.  

If you get an email from a business you use do not respond.  Call the number you already have or an email you already have and contact them that way.  There are emails that show a business address but when you look futher are spam accounts. 

If you get a call from anyone in regard to your children or granchaildren, follow up with them before sending any money anywhere.  

Please check back as this information will be updated frequently.