How do I apply for motor vehicle abatements?

In order to process an abatement on your motor vehicle excise tax bill you must provide us documentation to verify the disposition of both the Plate (e.g., was it transferred or turned in?)
and the Vehicle (e.g., was it sold, a total loss, etc.?).

We require documentation from the following list:

As to the license plate:

  1. Plate Return Receipt if the plates were turned in (with VIN#) or

  2. New Registration Form if the plates were transferred;

As to the vehicle:

  1. Bill of Sale if the car was sold or traded (with VIN #)

  2. Insurance Settlement Letter if the vehicle was totalled (with Vin #)

  3. Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Plate (C-19 form)

  4. Insurance Selection Coverage Page (with VIN #)

  5. Registration form from new State of or Country

  6. Letter from Commanding Officer (Non-domiciliary serviceperson)

  7. Copy of Donation Letter (with VIN # and Repossession date)

  8. Repossession Letter (with VIN# and repossession date)

  9. Junk Yard Receipt if the vehicle was scrapped (with VIN#)

  10. Purchase Agreement citing vehicle as Trade-in (With VIN #)


    If your think your vehicle is overvalued or If it appears that the Garage Code may be incorrect, contact the RMV Customer Service and Excise Correction Department at 857-368-8181.

Thank you for your cooperation, if you should have any additional questions please call 781-826-6401.

You may fax the documentation to 781-826-5239 or mail it to the Assessor's office at 550 Hanover ST, Hanover, MA 02339.

Note:  No excise may be reduced  to less than $5.00. No abatement for less than $5.00 will be granted and no refund of less than $5.00 will be made.