Animal Control

The Town of Hanover Animal Control Officer, acting as Dog Officer, is responsible for apprehending any dog found running at large on any public way or public recreational area within the Town of Hanover. The Animal Control Officer, upon receiving any such dog, shall make a complete registry, by entering the breed, color, sex and whether the dog is licensed. If licensed, the Animal Control Officer shall enter the owner's name, address and the license tag number. The owner, if known, shall be notified as soon as possible that the dog has been impounded. The owner of any dog, so impounded, may reclaim the dog upon payment of the fines, license fees, as set by the Board of Selectmen, and all of the costs incurred by the Town of Hanover for the impounding and maintenance of such dog as provided by law.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brian Golemme Animal Control Officer 781-826-5000 x1022
Joan Norris Assistant Animal Control Officer