Raffle and Gas Permits



The storage of flammables, combustibles and explosives is governed in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 148 and the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations, Code of Massachusetts Regulation (CMR), 527 CMR 2.00, 527 CMR 6.00, 527 CMR 9.00, 527 CMR 13.00 and 527 CMR 14.00.  Please contact the Selectman’s Office and/or the Fire Department for information about a new license in Hanover.

The Town Clerk’s Office renews registration of the existing licenses each year in April.  The registration serves solely to notify the community of the present license holder’s name and address.  If you would like more information about an existing license, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours.



The Town Clerk’s Office issues raffle permits to non-profit groups or organizations that intend to hold raffles at a location in Hanover.  Applications may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office or download the application and file it with the Town Clerk’s Office.  There is a filing fee of $10.00 payable with the application.

Once the application has been filed and the fee paid, the application is forwarded to the Chief of Police for approval.  If the Chief approves the permit, the Town Clerk then issues a certificate to the organization that must be held on-site in full view of the public on the day of the event.  The certificate is valid for one year.  Additional forms are also given to the organization hosting the event to be filled out and submitted to the Massachusetts State Lottery indicating the raffle winners, the net proceeds, and the uses to which the proceeds were applied.