Business Certificates

Starting a business in town?  Whether you are a sole proprietor working out of your house or a big box store on Route 53, you probably need a business certificate.  Read the file at this link for more information:

What is a DBA and who must file?


Once you have determined that you need to file a business certificate, you can either come in to our office to do so, or download and print the below "Blank Business Certificate" document, fill it out and send it in to the Town Clerk's Office.  If you are mailing in your application, make sure a notary witnesses your signature and affixes their seal.  If you come in to Town Hall to file, please bring a driver's license and a check for $40.

Blank Business Certificate


If you need to amend an existing DBA in any way, please submit the below "DBA change form".

DBA change form