Retiree Health Insurance Information

Retiree Health Insurance Information

Effective July 1, 2017, the Mayflower Municipal Health Group(MMHG)/Town of Hanover will be switching the current HPHC Medicare Enhance plan to a new retiree plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.  Also, effective July 1, 2017, the Mayflower Municipal Health Group (MMHG)/ Town of Hanover will be switching retirees on the BC Medex 3 plan to a new retiree plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA).ts (BCBSMA).  

The new plan being offered is effective July 1, 2017:

Medex 2 (Medical plan) with Blue Medicare Rx (Prescription drug plan PDP)

The Medex 2 medical plan provides the same coverage for medical services as BC Medex 3. The Blue Medicare RX is a prescription plan that includes standard Medicare Part D benefits supplemented with coverage provided by Town of Hanover.

Enrollment Information:

All retiring or retired employees, or their spouses, enrolling in BC Medex 2, must complete both the BC Medex 2 enrollment form (see link below), and Blue Medicare Rx Prescription drug plan enrollment form (see link below), and return to the Payroll & Benefits Office at 188 Broadway.  Enrollment forms are also available in the Payroll & Benefits Office.


Blue Cross Blue Shield Enrollment Form

Prescription Drug Enrollment Form

BC Medex 2 Summary of Benefits

What you need to know/ expect regarding your prescriptions:

Mail order prescriptions:  If you currently have mail order prescriptions then you will need to obtain new prescriptions from your doctor for these medications as the mail order pharmacy provider will change effective July 1, 2017 from Express Scripts to CVS/ Caremark.

Prior authorizations/ coverage determination:   If your doctor filed prior authorization/ coverage determination for the prescriptions you are currently taking, then your doctor will most likely have to file new prior authorization/ coverage determination for these prescriptions.

Some drugs you are currently taking may be coveraged at a different tier, so it may be a higher or lower co-payment or out of pocket cost.

Certain categories of drugs are covered (by law) so when you receive your packet from Blue Cross Blue Shield please look up your prescriptions in the formularly guide booklet for coverage details.

Please note:  You can use your current retail pharmacy for your prescriptions.

Customer Service Support:

Phone support will be available, beginning on May 1, 2017 for prescription drug related questions.   If you have any prescription (Blue Medicare Rx) related questions, effective May 1, please contact CVS/Caremark at 1-866-832-9775.   Please note, there will be resources at all meetings to answer any prescription questions you may have prior to July 1.

Medex 2 Medical Benefits Questions:   All medical (Medex 2) benefit questions should be addressed by calling Blue Cross Blue Shield directly at 1-800-782-3675 and speak with a Blue Cross Blue Shield Representative.  Please identify yourself as a Mayflower Municipal Health Group Retiree.   Please note that your medical benefits will not change and you will have the exact same medical coverage as you currently receive.


Retirees and their spouses are eligible to participate in Wellness Programs offered by the Town and by Mayflower Municipal Health Group.   Information on Wellness Programs can be found using the following links.

Mayflower Municipal Health Group Wellness Programs:

Town of Hanover Wellness Webpage: