Optional Insurance & Investment Options

Life Insurance:

The Town offers eligible employees the option of purchasing basic life and voluntary life insurance through Boston Mutual.

Active Employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week are eligible for the following benefits:

A medical history will not be required for all new employees who enroll within the first 31 days of employment.  

Current employees may enroll during the year.   However, a medical history will be required.

Bereavement Counseling is open to any policy holder and all those that live with them that had someone close pass away.  

For more information, call 1-800-669-2668 or visit www.bostonmutual.com

Basic Life and AD&D

Active employees who are benefit eligible can enroll for $2,000 of Basic Life and AD&D insurance.  The premiums are split between the Town and the employee.

Upon retirement, Basic Life and A&D coverage continues at $2,000.

Voluntary Life and AD&D

This includes spouse and child(ren) coverage.   Employee must be enrolled in the Basic Life Plan to enroll in voluntary life.   Employees can pay for this plan through convenient payroll deductions.

Employees have the flexibility to choose coverage for themselves in units of $10,000 to a maximum of $500,000.   However, the maximum coverage amount you may elect cannot exceed five times your base annual salary.

Employees may insure their spouse in units of $5,000 to a maximum of $100,000, not to exceed 50% of your coverage amount.

Employees may insure their dependent children for Life Insurance Only.   Coverage amounts are as follows:

14 days to 1 year old - $1,000

1 year to 19 years (age 25 for full-time students) - $10,000

A spouse or child who is also employed by the Town cannot be insured as a dependent.  If both spouses are insured employees of the same group, their children can be insured as dependents of one spouse only.

Boston Mutual Notice of Information Privacy Practices


Boston Mutual Life Insurance Program Information

Boston Mutual Group Life Enrollment Form

Colonial Life

Colonial Life offers the following insurance.

Colonial Life Accident Insurance

Colonial Life Cancer Insurance

Colonial Life Short-Term Disability Insurance

Colonial Life Term Life Insurance

Colonial Life Whole Life Insurance

Employees should contact Gordy Jones at Colonial Life at (617)438-2749

or via email gordy.jones@coloniallife.com with any questions or to enroll.

AllState Insurance

AllState Insurance offers the following policies.   Employees can sign-up within the first 30 days of employment or during annual enrollment.  

Allstate Universal Life Insurance

Allstate Group Cancer Insurance

Allstate Disability Insurance

Employees should contact Roger Goodson at Life Plus Insurance Agency at (781)837-9222, with any questions.

Liberty Mutual Home & Auto Insurance


Massachusetts Deferred Compensation SMART (457b) Plan through Empower Retireement


AXA Equitable - 457 (b) Plan

403(b) Information

TSA Consulting Group 403(b) Plan and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan


403(b) Salary Reduction & Allocation Agreement