Town Wide Update Report (3-1-18)

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

March 1, 2018

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

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Town Manager

The Town Managers office is very busy overseeing the six department heads that report directly to the Town Manager and working on the new initiatives that the Board of Selectmen are moving forward to include:

  • This Town Wide Update Form

  • Traffic Zone/Speed Limit setting policy

  • Updating the Affordable Housing list to include all of the new housing stock added since

    the 2010 census was completed

  • Working with developers to streamline the permitting process for their projects

  • Coordinating the State of the Town Breakfast with the Office staff

  • Various Policy updates presented by the Board of Selectmen

  • Working on projects for the town to include, finishing the Veterans Memorial, getting bids

    for work at the fireworks site and selling the old fire station located at 207 Broadway

    The Acting Town Manager continues to work closely with the Board of Selectmen as we work on the strategic goals of the Board of Selectmen and look to create a transparent government for our residents and business owners.

Building / Inspection Services

Received demolition permits for Merchants Row Plaza and plaza across the street, the old Brueggers Bagels site. Continue working on re-inspections for commercial properties and zoning issues.

Over the next thirty (30) days the Building Department will be working to follow up on the following zoning issues:

  1. 348 Center Street – Ongoing enforcement about a pre-existing non-conforming use

  2. 795 Washington Street – Enforcement of special permit conditions, requires follow up.

  3. 811 Washington Street – Ongoing enforcement case to file for a special permit for

    outdoor display that is currently in the courts, awaiting results of an appeal of court’s


  4. 1076 Washington Street – Owner is working on restoring the property in accordance with

    a plan approved by the Planning Board, work to be completed early spring 2018


The Conservation Office is currently overseeing several commercial projects along Route 53 including auto dealerships, the sports complex, retail establishments, and restaurants. Other ongoing projects include the Fireworks Site cleanup, demolition and site remediation, dam removal projects, and many residential upgrades. Preliminary inspections by the Conservation Agent are also underway for a community garden with walking trails, demolition with stormwater management improvements on a commercial site, and the upcoming widening of Route 53 near University Sports Complex. The Conservation Agent is also in the process of updating the Commission's Rules and Regulations and has started a new invasive species management program in the Office.

Council on Aging

Public Works

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

The COA and the Library have been collaborating and introduced our combined programming for Q1.

The COA has added evening hours and programming Wednesday and Thursday evenings with occasional programs on Monday. Open 8 am to 8 pm or later if needed on Wed/Thurs.
We have also worked with The YMCA, Norwell's Friendship home, Welch Home Care, and others on health and nutrition-related programming and meals.

COA received a grant from Hanover Cultural Council for 3 programs with the South Shore Conservatory.
New hire of Volunteer Coordinator. Start date January 29 (working with the library on a combined grant funded marketing person)

The DPW took advantage of warmer than normal temperatures between the four snow and ice events that we had in the month of February to patch potholes, install temporary hot top patches to water break trenches on Old Washington Street and Hanover Street, remove several large trees with the assistance of outside contractors, and perform general maintenance to signs and drainage structures. In addition, the department replaced fire hydrants on Oldfield Drive and on Donna Drive. Finally, staff and contractors continued to upgrade software in controllers at various treatment facilities, replaced some valves in the Broadway treatment plant, and installed new level transducers in the Pond Street, Broadway, and Hanover Street wells.

Over the next month, the DPW will begin the process of transitioning to spring and summer operations. If the weather cooperates, the public grounds crew will get an early start on field maintenance in advance of the traditional field openings that typically occur around the April school vacation week. In addition to normal maintenance operations, highway personnel will be assisting the Director to finalize plans for summer road work while water distribution personnel will continue with the meter replacement and backflow prevention programs. Finally, we hope to advertise the DPW’s annual bids for supplies and services.


Here’s the town-wide update for Finance:

  • Working closely with VisGov and Art Ceurvels to create a beta site for BOS review, showing the Town’s revenues and expenditures for the last several Fiscal Years graphically.

  • Completed review of all expense transactions from 07/01/2017-11/30/2017 over $20K, and working on an in-depth review of specific transaction requested by BOS.

  • Mailed 13,573 Motor Vehicle excise tax bills, totaling $2,197,967.50.

  • Finalizing list of tax title accounts with FY 2017 information, and formulating a plan with

    tax title attorney to implement more aggressive collection.

  • Coordinating with Melanson, Heath to finalize the Fiscal Year 2017 audit.



Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

  • Six Finance staff members attended customer service training, reinforcing our commitment to politely, efficiently, and accurately serve the needs of residents and other Town Hall visitors.

  • Town Accountant will be attending the Massachusetts Municipal Auditors’ and Accountants’ Association’s Annual Spring Conference this month. Attendance is required at least once every three years to maintain certification.

  • Town Hall security system on-line; addressing punch list issues

  • Center School Project Support

o WorkwithJaneDeGreniertocreatenewroomnumberingschemeforCenter School

o Coordinationondoorlockissues
o Raiseconcernonaccesstoelevatormachineryroom
o Coordinationoncustodialfixturesinbathrooms
o 2/1/18:SubmittedlistofrequestedcustodialequipmentforCenterSchoolFF&E.

  • Punch list issues on Green Communities projects (i.e. getting the lights right at Police Station)

  • 1/31/18: Submitted to MA DOER our Green Communities Final Report for this year’s grant ($226,772) for 6 energy saving projects (at no cost to the Town), including all new LED lighting in the Police Station and Fire HQ, and new storm windows throughout Salmond School. Also, new LED lighting in some areas of Middle including Cafeteria and Kitchen, and 2 HVAC projects.

  • Saturday 1/27: Staff replaced heat system pump at Middle.

  • Sunday 1/28: Staff rebuilt failed heat system pump at High School.

  • Met with Kelly Lawrence & Lauren Rodday to discuss summer programs in Middle

  • Significant staff OT for Snow & Ice on school grounds

  • Pete Siegel retirement (custodian at Police Dept); transfer Tom Brooks from Sylvester to

    replace him

  • Historic New England annual inspection of Stetson House 2/2/18


  • Application for our 2018 Green Communities grant is due 3/9/18. Working with our consultant Guardian Energy to identify most competitive ECMs (energy conservation measures) to apply for in the application ($100k limit on any ECM; max total is $250k plus utility incentives)

  • Update and implement a plan for the renovation of BOS Hearing Room (high priority)

  • Turnover completed storage room in High School Auditorium

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

  • Focus on maintenance issues at Fire HQ (painting stair wall; repair wall where we opened it to access frozen/split pipe)

  • A long list of corrective work orders


The Hanover Fire Department will be working with the 5 new hires ( 1 retirement and 4 SAFER Grant) to prepare them for the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. Three of the five will be attending the July academy and we expect that the two who will begin work on Monday will be assigned to an August academy. The academy is a 10-week program and we expect to be able to be at full staffing by October of this year. In the meantime, the new hires will be assigned to the ambulance and provide the department with the ability to staff the second ambulance most of the time.

Tower 1, our new ladder truck, has been in service for a few months now and it is almost completely outfitted. It will be scheduled to go back to the manufacturer to address some minor issues and to make some minor modifications. It will be gone for 2-3 weeks to have the work done. We will rely on mutual aid ladder trucks during this time period.

The department just conducted some great training at Merchant’ Row. Members were able to practice skills that could not have been duplicated on without the use of this building. All who attended found the training to be highly relevant and beneficial. Funding for this training was covered by the Town meeting training article.


The Health office continues to work on license renewals and processing numerous requests for septic system plan approvals and the subsequent inspections that go with them.
Over the next thirty days, they will continue working on septic inspections and also begin to ramp up the semi-annual restaurant inspections to include the school cafeterias. Also, preparations are beginning for the annual rabies clinic that will be held at the end of March 2018, more to follow.

Information Technology

The town-wide Technology Department consists of three 3 technical staff who work under the direction of the Director of Technology Operations and are responsible for all aspects of the town computers, networks, servers, firewalls, internet connections, VOIP phones and everything in between. In addition to standard support requests (2259 helpdesk tickets closed Fiscal YTD), the team works on numerous projects throughout the town many of which are highlighted below. This list is exhaustive but is by no means complete.

  • ●  Converted 200 2006 iMacs to ChromeOS to allow them to continue to be applicable to the learning process.

  • ●  Converted Center/Sylvester and Salmond to same VOIP system as Town Hall and other town offices eliminating 1980s phone systems.

  • ●  Added Verizon FIOS internet to both Police and Fire headquarters to insulate against


Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

Comcast outages.

  • ●  Implemented a robust and secure backup platform with off-site redundancy for Town

    Hall and School servers.

  • ●  Installed and upgraded battery backup units (aka UPS) at all school buildings to ensure

    critical systems remain online for approximately 30 minutes after losing power.

    Configured all buildings to alert Technology in event of power outage.

  • ●  Implemented open source/freeware basic network monitoring to monitor all internet

    connections as well as critical internal servers and network hardware. Alerts are sent to

    Technology team via e-mail for any abnormalities.

  • ●  Replaced or are in process of replacing 25 obsolete desktops at Town Hall

  • ●  Upgraded network switch at Fire headquarters to provide improved performance and


  • ●  Upgraded WiFi hardware at Town Hall to accommodate increased coverage and faster


  • ●  Upgraded WiFi hardware at Hanover Middle School to improve coverage and capacity.

  • ●  Prepared caching servers and updated TestNav application for 2018 MCAS testing

    which will begin soon for Grades 3-8.

  • ●  Delivered internet and WiFi to Boys Club wirelessly from Town Hall and converted their

    phone to the town-wide VOIP provider.

  • ●  Integrated new Town Hall security cameras into existing Milestone environment to give

    first responders a single interface to view Town and School cameras.

  • ●  Converted John Curtis Library to a town-wide VOIP provider

  • ●  In process of converting School website to the same hosted provider as Town Hall and

    upgrading/updating Town Hall website.

  • ●  In process of evaluating bids for both wired and wireless network equipment for Center

    building project.

The John Curtis Library has been working on the following over the past 30 days:

  • Buying new materials

  • Weeding the old materials

  • Investigating new print and copy vendor

  • Investigating a software-run system for patron computer usage. This will aid in statistical

    gathering and help in decision making

  • Offering children's programs and adult programs, both of which have been greatly

    successful in terms of feedback and the number of attendees

  • Working with the COA to collaboratively address programming/possible new hire for

    such which will be shared with Library and COA

  • Updating library policies

  • Offering trials to staff and soon with patrons for 2 new databases: Hoopla and Kanopy

    which address electronic books, electronic audiobooks, and streaming video.

  • Working with staff to collectively meet our long-range goals (LRG) for this year

    Over the next thirty days, the library will continue to work with the Council on Aging Director and

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

staff to offer joint programs and look to create a synergy between the two departments. This has been a long-term goal of the Community Services department.

Parks and Recreation February 2018

Summer 2018

Registration for Parks & Rec Summer Program starts on Feb. 1st, the Summer Programs will run from July 9th to August 17th. Due to the ongoing construction at Center School, the Summer Programs and the Summer Concert Series will be relocated. The Summer Programs will once again be based out of the Middle School. As in the past, we anticipate more than 165 participants per week. Playground Assistant applications will be available online starting March 1st, the deadline for this position is Friday, March 30th at noon or until the position is filled. Applicants must be at least 16 years old and/or have completed 10th grade. Like last year, the Summer Concert Series (July 15th – Sept. 23rd) will be moved to Forge Pond Park.

Payroll/Benefits Office

The Payroll and Benefits Office continues to work diligently to support the town employees and provide support with regard to employees pay, deductions and benefits costs. Audrey Barresi is working with town department heads and supervisors to plan this year’s Health Fair at the High School which kicks off our open enrollment period for town employees to sign up for benefits.


The department members have been working on completing their annual in-service training requirements which began in October. During the past month's department members completed the necessary requirements associated with the Board of Selectmen’s Sexual Harassment Policy updates and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Conflict of Interest requirements.

In the coming month, members of the department command staff will attend the MIIA sponsored training at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA. Members will attend a daylong seminar featuring Gordan Graham: What First Line and Mid-Level Law Enforcement Supervisors and managers need to Know. Attendance at this important seminar will gain premium reduction credits for the Town of Hanover liability policy.

Members of the department will also utilize the MIIA driver training simulator when it arrives in Hanover. Once again this will provide both a great training experience as well as policy credit for the town.

The article which appears on the warrant at town meeting for public safety education is the funding mechanism for this training and provides a very significant investment in our staff.

Town Clerk


The Planning office is busy working to get ready for the upcoming town meeting by working with the Planning Board and CPC to bring forward warrant articles for consideration at Town Meeting Over the next thirty days, we will be working to temporarily fill the Town Planner position as our planner Peter Matchak left on January 18, 2018, to take the position of Planning and Permitting Director in the Town of Cohasset.

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Monthly Update – Town Clerk’s Office March 2018

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

The Town Clerk’s Office is currently fully immersed in the administration of the annual census and the issuance of annual dog licenses, as we are for a few months every year at this time. Additionally, the annual distribution of conflict of interest law to all employees and members of boards and committees is just now complete. We are the Town’s administrative liaison to the State Ethics Commission, but the bulk of that collection happens at the departmental level. Of note though is the recent welcomed decision by the Acting Town Manager to help streamline this process through the purchase of tracking software that has been on my wishlist for years.

The Annual Election and Town Meeting season is starting to warm up; nomination papers for elected office are currently available and will be until they are due on Monday, March 26th. We are also receiving nomination papers for the district and statewide office signature certification, and will until the May 1st deadline. Campaign finance reports for incumbent elected officials were recently due and are now uploaded to the Town’s website for citizen review. We have also just recently begun the annual registration process for flammables/gas permits. In conjunction with that process, the Acting Town Manager and the Fire Chief and I have begun to discuss how to handle licenses for flammables that currently exist, but that is no longer needed because the tanks have been removed or the regulations have changed. Those registrations are due April 1st.

In addition to these responsibilities, I am delighted to report that my bi-weekly meetings with the Acting Town Manager have been fruitful and helpful consultations that I look forward to. The lines of communication are wide open and supportive between our two offices. It is a welcomed change and great news for the Town of Hanover.

Treasurer / Collector

On December 22 the Treasurer-Collector’s Office issued the Fiscal Year 2018 3rd and 4th Quarter Real Estate Tax Bills, due no later than February 1 and May 1, respectively. A large and unexpected number of tax payments were processed smoothly by the Office in the last week of December, as many taxpayers chose to pay their 3rd and 4th Quarter Real Estate tax bills early to take advantage of federal rules which were changing January 1.


The Veterans Service Officer has been busy processing benefits request and assisting our Veterans with housing needs. Over the next thirty days, we will be working closely with two veteran volunteers to compile and finalize an accurate list of veteran names to be placed in our memorial.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee continues to work on the capital requests submitted by the department heads and has started their initial review of the FY19 budget that they received on January 2, 2018. Over the next thirty days, Advisory will be scheduling the seven department heads to begin the line item review of their budget requests and plan on televising these


Affordable Housing Trust

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

Affirmative Action Committee

Board of Selectmen appointed Anthony Marino, Acting Town Manager as a member on this committee, no other updates at this time

The Affordable Housing Trust has worked with the Planning Office and other Committees and Boards in the Town to create a subgroup called the Hanover Housing Group with members from the Affordable Housing Trust, Planning Board, Board of Selectmen, and others to focus looking at Housing options available and possible bylaw amendments if needed.

Board of Health

February 2018 - Completed 282 permits for 2018: 160 Food Permits, 42 Com Vic, 26 Garbage Haulers & Pumpers, 31 Animal Permits, 33 installers (renew throughout the year) and misc. (Wells, tanning, pools, body art)

P.A. Landers & Tech Environmental working on noise and dust complaints Updated body art regulations to include micro-blading
Currently formulating regulations for sauna & steam rooms
Rabies clinic (scheduling & set up) March 2018

Flu shots continue to be given out at Town Hall BoH.

Board of Public Works

The Board of Public Works does not meet on a regular basis, but remains ready to act should an issue arise that needs their attention

Board of Selectmen

The Board of Selectmen is working on updating all of their policies and will look to create new strategic goals after the new Town Manager is in place. The Board also has the following ongoing projects or initiatives:

  • Working with Alan Gould from MRI to hire a new Town Manager

  • Working with our Environmental Attorney to deal with the Fireworks Cleanup Site

  • Draft language to change the Revolving Account bylaw to ensure that large expenditures

    have board or committee sign-offs before purchases are made

  • Update the Town Website

  • Create a social media policy to ensure transparent and accurate information for our

    residents and business owners
    The Board of Selectmen meet every two weeks or more if needed and work closely with the

Board of Assessors

The Board of Assessors has recently recommended the new tax rate for the BOS to approve. The Board of Assessors continues to work closes with our Director of Assessing as we process tax abatement requests and deal with resident questions about the value of their home.

Board of Registrars of Voters

The Board of Registrars has been working diligently to process all of the census forms and work with the Town Clerk to prepare for upcoming Town Meeting and elections.

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

Town Manager and the Advisory Committee to prepare the FY19 Budget and the warrant articles for the upcoming town meeting on May 7, 2018

Center/Sylvester School Building Committee

The School Building Committee has been getting weekly updates from the Owners Project Manager (OPM), Dan Pallotta from P3 and has been monitoring the construction by having members of the committee attend the weekly construction meetings.
Over the next thirty days, the committee will hold a meeting on January 18, 2018, to tour the site and get an up-close view of construction to date and review the budget with the OPM.

Bylaw Review Committee

The Bylaw review committee just completed working on the two special town meeting articles about recreational marijuana sales and over the next thirty days will be reviewing any town meeting articles that are submitted for changes to the Town’s General Bylaws

Community Access and Media (CAM) Committee

The CAM Committee continues to support of PEG Access channels as they look to create programming for all of our channels. This committee works closely with Colleen Smith, our Cable Access Director to decide on equipment purchases for the studios and assist with the new education classes that we offer at the High School.

Community Preservation Committee

15-Nov December

1/3/2018 1/17/2018

The CPC is meeting with the 4 applicants who applied for CPC money

The CPC will decide which applications to move forward with. CPC held a public meeting to hear from the public about the applications

CPC will vote on the three applications

Conservation Commission

Conservation Commission Report- Current projects Prepared by S. MacFarlane, Acting Conservation Agent March 1, 2018

BL 17- 84, 600 Main St.- Determination of Applicability issued- The constructi residential garage up to 35 ft. to an on-site Bordering Vegetated Wetland (BVW) with on site inspections until its conclusion.

  • BL 17-78, SE 31-1167, 962 Washington St.- Order of Conditions issued- stormwater management improvements including new detention basin, parking lot upgrade and realignment of parking spaces, with the restoration of an on-site Isolated Vegetated Wetland (IVW). This project has yet to begin and entails numerous site inspections during construction and paving activities, with monitoring of the IVW for 2 growing seasons (3 yrs) for the viability of the plantings. Will also require annual stormwater reports from applicant w/ accompanying site inspections.

  • BL 18-03, SE 31-1169, 1204 Main St.- Order of Conditions issued- The installation of an inground swimming pool with accessory structures and limit of work up to 35 ft. from an on-site BVW with ongoing inspections until its conclusion.

  • BL 18-05, SE 31-1173, #11 Laurel Ln.- Order of Conditions issued- In association with

on of going

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

the construction of a new single-family home and new septic, the driveway to this proposed home requires the crossing of a small area of BVW and stream. Installation of a 3-sided box culvert is required with 10 of inland bank restoration and replication of BVW at a 1:.5 ratio. Initial site inspections will take place for the wetland crossing and replication. This project requires monitoring of the BVW replication areas and stormwater components (pocket wetland) for 2 growing seasons (3 yrs) with ongoing inspections until its completion.

  • BL 18-02, SE 31-1168, Merchant’s Row- Order of Conditions issued- Although the main project consists of the demolition of the existing retail building and the construction of 3 new retail structures, only a small portion of the demo and construction falls within the Commission’s jurisdiction. The BVW and Riverfront Area at the rear of the property is clearly defined and will be under Best Management Practices throughout construction. Required conditions within the permit ensure that the BVW and RFA will not be negatively impacted by the activities. This project will require inspections throughout as well as annual reporting for stormwater management.

  • BL 18-08, 304 Cedar St.- Determination of Applicability issued- This project includes the installation of a residential inground swimming pool with a limit of work up to 35 ft. from an on-site BVW with ongoing inspections until its conclusion.

  • BL 18-07, 89 Lally Farms Dr.- Determination of Applicability issued- This project is located on a wooded lot within Lally Farms subdivision and includes the construction of a single-family dwelling, new septic, and related site work. Only the rear yard grading and landscaping is proposed within the buffer to an on-site BVW and was permitted at 75 ft. from the BVW. Site inspections will continue until the conclusion of the project.

  • BL 18-04, SE 31-1171, 176 Myrtle St.- Order of Conditions issued- A septic upgrade with the removal of stone patio, retaining wall, new water service, and similar site work. This project is approved with a limit of work up to 39 ft. from an on-site BVW. Existing features at this site (deck and above ground swimming pool) are of concern, as they were located within the 25 ft. no-disturbance buffer to BVW. A reminder of no replacement activities for future deck and pool within the 25 ft. setback was included in the permit.

  • BL 18-06, SE 31-1172, 466 Broadway- Order of Conditions pending- This project includes the use of an existing driveway and new circular driveway to access buildable upland. A portion of the driveway, new utility work, and associated site work is within the 100 ft. protected buffer to an off-site BVW. The Commission awaits additional drainage calculations from the applicant’s engineering consultant for the 3/7/18 meeting.

  • BL 18-09, SE 31-1173, 98 Autumn Ln.- Order of Conditions pending- An inground swimming pool project with accessory structure, drywell, and associated site work within the protected buffer to an on-site BVW. The initial hearing for this project is 3/7/18.

  • BL 18-10, SE 31-____, 50A (Lot 2) Dana Dr.- Order of Conditions pending- Initial hearing for this project is 3/7/18 for the review of a single family dwelling project with landscaping up to 35 ft. from a damaged Isolated Vegetated Wetland. Restoration of the IVW on this site is proposed, as well as bio-retention areas for stormwater control.

Council on Aging

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

Fireworks site- Site inspections continue regarding the Conservation permits issued for this project.

965 Washington St.- A community garden, fish pond, and expansion of the existing garden and nursery stock is planned for this site. It is an exciting project that the Commission looks forward to.

The COA Board has just accepted an updated version of the Policy Manual, Strategic Plan, and Board Guidelines, they are getting ready to request time with the Acting Town Manager and BOS to discuss the vision.
Over the next thirty days, the board will look to work with Council director to implement some of the strategic plan items and prepare a presentation for the emergency generator capital request.

Dog Park Committee

The Dog Park Committee will be coming in to meet with the Board of Selectmen to discuss the new bylaw approved at last Junes Special Town

Emergency Planning Committee

This committee continues to work closely with the Fire Chief to prepare for Emergency Planning situations and make sure that we have adequate shelter facilities ready to go should the need arise. This group of volunteers has taken a lead with regard to sheltering and should be commended for their efforts.

Design Review Board

The Design Review Board continues to review Planning Board applications for new buildings and is looking forward to the upcoming Prevites, Merchants Row and Honey Dew building plans to review.

Fireworks Site Focus Committee

The Fireworks Site Focus Committee has helped to hire environmental counsel to represent the Town with DEP and the Attorney General’s office as we coordinate the cleanup at the old Fireworks Site. Moving forward this Committee will work with DEP and the Conservation Commission to help restore the natural resources at the site.

Hanover 300 Master Plan Committee

This Committee has worked hard to update Hanover’s Master Plan and is currently awaiting a final edited version of the Master Plan from Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Once complete the updated version will be made available to the public.

Hanover Cultural Council

The Hanover Cultural Council is hard at work planning the scaled down version of Hanover Day for 2018 with just the Carnival and a few smaller events planned for this year. However, they are excited about Hanover Day 2019 to be back in full swing with the work at the Center Elementary School almost completed by then.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission has been hard at work with a rush of demolition permits for buildings that they had to review and decide if the buildings were Historically Significant. Some of these buildings included the Merchants Row Plaza, the Bruegger's Bagel plaza, the old tile store next to Namco and the old Midas Building near the Rt. 3 northbound exit.

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

The Commission has been working on a pamphlet highlighting the history of Hanover. The Commission has also spearheaded getting the Invitation for Bid (IFB) out for the Albert White Barn, we received one bid which is being reviewed by the Commission so the Town Manager can dispose of the old barn.

Information Technology Study Committee

Created by Town Meeting at the recommendation of the Board of Selectmen, the Information Technology Study Committee is comprised of five members: two appointed by the School Committee; two appointed by the Board of Selectmen; and one appointed by the Town Moderator. Bill Hartigan, our Technology Director, attends as an ex officio member and consultant. The Committee was established “to evaluate the current information technology capabilities of the Town, the current and projected needs and the development of a long-term strategic plan for identifying and prioritizing future technology upgrades”. (Town Meeting Warrant with Advisory Board Comments, May 2017, Article 45) Currently, there are four appointed members of the committee: Thomas Raab and Brian Ciccolo on behalf of the School Committee; Don White, on behalf of the Board of Selectmen; and Patrick O’Brian, on behalf of the Town Moderator. There is a vacant seat to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Convened for the first time on October 12, 2017, the committee has met on November 16, 2017, December 14, 2017, February 1, 2018, and March 1, 2018. All meetings are held at Hanover High School in the Main Office Conference Room. The Information Technology Study Committee is scheduled to meet again on February 15, 2018 at 4 pm at Hanover High School to review its presentation to the Advisory Board and is tentatively scheduled to present the Technology Budget and three to five year technology plan to the Advisory Board on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, in the evening at Town Hall. All of our agendas and approved minutes and meeting documents are available online at technology-study-committee

The Committee continues to discuss several needs regarding technology including short- term and long-term goals. Some of the areas under discussion include: (a) The need for a for a town-wide consolidated server. The committee is evaluating all options to find the most cost- effective and efficient server set up. (b) The need for an audit of the current security situation to understand our level of risk with regard to information security. (c) The need to provide software that will analyze and provide quarterly updates with metrics to understand the level of use of our servers including the investigation of fleet management software for our fleet of vehicles in town. (d) The need for consistent funding to refresh technology on a predictable cycle. (e) The need to compile an inventory of all software and services to determine if efficiencies are available. (f) An evaluation of managed services to possibly find efficiencies and leverage expertise. (g) The need to install security cameras at Hanover Middle School and Cedar School so that these schools have security cameras similar to Hanover High School. Security cameras are already part of the Center School Renovation project underway.

Multi-Use Recreational Facility Study Committee

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

The Multi-Use Recreational committee is working towards presenting their findings at Town Meeting about constructing a new street hockey rink at B. Everett Hall Field

Open Space Committee

This Committee continues to work on keeping our trail system open and clear for all our residents to use. They also continue to look for new parcels of land to acquire so we can expand our current trail system.

Open Data Committee

This Committee will be re-established once the new Town Manager is in place and will consist primarily of department heads.

Parks and Recreation Committee Forge Pond Park

  • The Committee has received an inquiry from a local business owner regarding field

    sponsorship. In addition, a citizen has inquired about donating a park bench in memory

    of a loved one.

  • Due to the number of unleashed dogs complaints and dog waste, the Chair & Vice-Chair

    plan to meet with the Acting Town Manager to discuss increasing the number of dog

    waste stations and signage along the trails.

  • Build the Boards requested exclusive rights to 2018 outdoor movie nights. The

    Committee discussed & voted not to give exclusive rights to Build the Boards.

    Build the Boards

    Parks & Recreation is facilitating discussion between the Build the Boards Committee and the DPW to develop a maintenance plan for the proposed skating facility.

    Open Space and Recreation Plan

    A draft copy of the 2017 Open Space and Recreation Plan was received by the Parks & Rec Chair and distributed to members of our Committee on the morning of Feb 13th. Because the BoS had voted to accept the Draft as written at their Feb 12th meeting, prior to the Parks & Rec Committee review, the Parks & Rec Committee did not take a vote to approve the Plan at our Feb. 13th meeting.

    March 2018

  • Forge Pond Park
    a. Concession – Soccer Booster Request b. Donation – Park Bench

  • Open Space and Recreation Plan
    a. Parks & Recreation classification

  • 2018 Field

    1. Permits – Update

    2. Fertilization Schedule

Planning Board

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

Listed below are recent cases that have been discussed and decided upon by the Planning Board:

  • Case ID: TPL-17-23, Cardinal Cushing applied with the Planning Board for the development of the new Cardinal Cushing Marketplace at 405 WASHINGTON ST. The application included Site Plan Approval and Special Permit. The project includes construction of a new building to include Café, Thrift and Trader shops on the first floor and classrooms on the second floor. The project includes the reorganization and development of additional parking. The project was opened by the Planning Board on 1/8/2018 and approved on 1/29/2018.

  • CaseID: TPL-18-1, the applicant AGORA Marketplace LLC, 2053 WASHINGTON ST, commonly known as Merchants Row applied for Site Plan Approval and Special Permit pertaining to the redevelopment of the three parcels. The Applicant was approved for the expansion and reconstruction of the current retail center. The Planning Board opened the public hearing on 1/29/2018 and approved the application on 2/12/2018.

  • Case ID: TPL-18-2, the applicant Brian Cormicon, applied for an ANR (Approval Not Required) to subdivide lots 760 and 766 Main Street. An ANR plan does not constitute a subdivision within the meaning of the Subdivision Control Law and needs to only be endorsed by the Planning Board for approval.

  • Case ID: TPL-18-3, the owner of 962 Washington Street, identified as Midstream LLC, 962 WASHINGTON ST has applied for Planning Board Limited Site Plan. The applicant is proposing the expansion of the existing parking lot in the rear of the site. The public hearing date has not been set.

    Over the next 30 Days the Planning Board will review and discuss the following applications:

  • Case ID: TPL-17-21, Applicant Previte's Marketplace c/o H BRIARS REALTY CO INC., 283COLUMBIA ROAD has submitted an application for Site Plan Review and Special Permits. Previte's Marketplace is submitting plans for his redevelopment of the site and the development of a new building which will incorporate the reuse of the historical barn structure on the property. The public hearing was opened on 12/4/2017 and discussed at the meeting 2/26/18. The Board has continued this application to the next meeting to further review plans on 3/12/18.

  • Case ID: TPL-18-4, the applicant 1082 Broadway, LLC, has submitted an application for a retreat lot on 1082 Broadway. The applicant includes a site plan for the Special Permit. Currently, the applicant is revising the submitted plans to include more grading and an underground pipe that was discussed by the abutters at the public hearing which was opened on 2/26/2018. The Board asked to continue to the next meeting to review the revised plan. The next meeting will be held 3/12/2018.

Town of Hanover
Town Wide Update Report

Anthony Marino Acting Town Manager

  • Case ID: TPL-18-5, the applicant Thomas J. Doherty, has submitted an application for a Definitive Subdivision for 3 Lots located on 334 King Street. The applicant has asked for some waivers from the Definitive Subdivision Bylaws. The meeting was scheduled to be opened on 2/26/2018 but was continued by the applicant to the meeting on 4/9/2018.

  • Case ID: TPL-18-6, the applicant, South Shore Conservatory of Music, Inc; Bill Arvanites, One Conservatory Drive, Hingham, MA 02043, has applied for a Special Permit and Site Plan Approval. South Shore Conservatory is submitting plans for alteration and expansion of the building located at 135 Webster Street. The applicant is looking to add an addition to the building. The Planning Board will open the public hearing on 3/12/2018.

  • Case ID: TPL-18-7, the applicant, J&N Realty Trust, 803 Washington Street, has applied for a Special Permit. The applicant is proposing alterations and structural changes to the existing building identified as 803 Washington Street which has been identified as a pre-existing non-conforming lot. The applicant is proposing an addition on the second floor of the building. The Planning Board will open the public hearing on 3/12/2018.

Sylvester School Redevelopment Committee

The Sylvester School Redevelopment Committee has written an RFP and presented the draft RFP to the Board of Selectmen. The Committee will meet on March 8, 2018, to vote on the final dates to be included in the RFP for submission and due date. Once finalized the RFP will be released and submitted to all necessary platforms and the Committee will follow the dates in the RFP for the opening of responses.