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About Our Maps

Below are various maps of the Town of Hanover available for immediate download.  These Town maps were created using the Town of Hanover's Geographic Information System (GIS) currently under development by the Town Planner, DPW Superintendent, and Assessor along with other town departments.  While fully interactive online mapping is not yet available we offer the below listed maps for your convenience.  If and when online mapping is available it will be posted here.  Additional maps will be added as they become available.  If you have questions or comments regarding GIS, please contact the Town Planner.

Viewing these Maps

These maps are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).  To view these documents you must have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader viewer installed on your computer.  If you do not have Acrobat installed already, you can download the program here.  Depending on your computer and connection speed download times may vary.

Hanover Maps Available for Download

Assessors Map Book (2016, 41 MB) 
Scenic Roads Map (1 MB) - Indicates Hanover's Designated Scenic Roads
Hanover Street Atlas (2005) - Includes Road Names & Index (3 MB)
Hanover Street Map (2005) - Includes Roads, Parcels, Buildings, Wetlands (50 MB)
Hanover Street Map (2005) - Includes Roads, Parcels (30 MB)
Hanover "Buildout" Base Map (2006) - Used in Master Plan Public Hearings, Depicts Parcels, Roads, Buildings, Development and Environmental Constraints (13.5 MB)
Hanover Illustrative Wall Map (2005) - Includes Roads, Parcels, Buildings, Wetlands (70 MB)
Hanover Zoning Map - Scanned Version - As of 2000 (8MB) (Does NOT include map amendments since 2000)

For Open Space, Walking Trails, and Historic Area Maps, visit:

Hanover Open Space Committee Page

Route 53 Study Committee "Constraints" Maps**:

Town Map - Map for all of Hanover (24'x36') (15 MB)
Route 53 Corridor Map - Map for Route 53 Corridor (11'x17') (5.23 MB)
**(Maps indicate approximate locations of wetlands, parcels, buildings, and the aquifer protection district.)

Other Online Mapping Resources

Below are links to online mapping resources outside the Town of Hanover website.