Snow Warning from the DPW


Town of Hanover

Department of Public Works

40 Pond Street

 Hanover, Massachusetts 02339-1693

Telephone  781-826-3189  

Fax  781-826-8915

Victor J. Diniak

Director of Public Works


Curt D. MacLean

Deputy Superintendent

Field Operations


Neal Merritt

Deputy Superintendent

Water Operations


The Department of Public Works is notifying residents that when plowable snow occurs, vehicles parked on the public way must be removed in order to avoid damage to said vehicles and expedite plowing and sanding operations.

Any vehicle or object in the public way, if not moved within a reasonable time after the beginning of a storm, will be subject to towing and/or removal at the owner's expense as specified in Article 6-2, Section 7 of the bylaws of the Town of Hanover.

Residents who contract with private snow plowers to plow their driveway are cautioned not to have the snow pushed out onto the roadway.  Snow pushed out onto the roadway is a danger to the traveling public and a liability to the resident.  If the DPW has to remove snow pushed out onto the roadway, the resident will be billed for the expense incurred.

The Department of Public Works will make every effort to plow carefully.  However, the DPW will not be responsible for mailboxes, fencing, landscaping, etc. that a resident places within the layout of the road.

Motorists are advised to exercise extra care in early morning hours when deicing chemicals are less effective as a result of inadequate traffic interaction with the chemicals.

The Ames Way brush and compost operations will be closed during and after snow and ice operations until the facility has been deemed safe by Public Works Supervisor.  Access to the Transfer Station may also be suspended during snow removal operations.


Victor J. Diniak

Director of Public Works