Conservation Photos

Ural Owl in flight
Spotted Salamander
Dawn over nearby wetland.
American beaver busy at work!
New England native Aster
Winter beauty!
A box turtle!
Ducks on frozen lake...
Enjoy the beauty of Fall colors.
Bog Laurel
Marsh marigolds!
Make your own upright garden with plastic pipes and bottels!
Meadow Beauty plants
wood frog eggs and tadpoles
A wood frog!
Buffer zone plant
Sun Buddies!
An artists impression of Skunk cabbage in bloom
NE native Star Flower
Eastern Marsh Fern frond
Lady Slippers
The Ah-De-Nah
photo by S. MacFarlane, Asst. Conservation Agent
Fairy Shrimp in a vernal pool
Marbled salamander
This salamander lives near a local vernal pool.
A Forest Moment
A Vernal Pool in Fall
Wood frog eggs from a vernal pool
Wood frog tadpoles!
Inspecting a Vernal Pool
American Beaver
Fall in New England
Sun Halo
Double leafed trillium