Current Projects & Updates

Projects Under Construction and/or Recently Permitted through Notice of Intent

Mill Pond Dam Removal, Hacketts Pond Dam Repair, Factory Pond Repair, University Sports Complex (former Starland), Prime Mercedez/ GMC Dealership, McGee Toyota, Washington Street, Webster Village, Apartments, Village at Seven Springs, and Assisted Living Facility at the Hanover Mall.

Conservation Commission By-Laws and Rules and Regulations

The local Wetlands Protection By-Law is further regulated and explained by the Commission’s Rules and Regulations. Both of these documents may be found on the website. The Rules and Reg’s. provide a detailed account of how the By-Laws are administered. Currently, the Commission and the Conservation Agent are reviewing the Rules and Reg’s. in an effort to make them more understandable, to explain and streamline the permitting process and make general changes to the guidelines for working in buffer zones to resource areas. This is an ongoing process which will be open to public comment through the hearing process when it is in a more complete version. A public hearing notice will be printed in the Hanover Mariner and posted at the Town Clerk’s Office at that time.

Open Space Map

The Commission works very closely with the Open Space Committee in the development of the Open Space and Recreation Plan, Open Space Map and other Conservation Land Management projects. Commissioner ___ is the current liaison to the Open Space Committee and reports to the Commission on Open Space matters and concerns.

Vernal Pools

A list of certified vernal pools and potential vernal pools and their locations are available in the Conservation Office. Use this link to learn more about Vernal Pools: